Pure Forskolin is a natural supplement obtained from roots of a mint family plant called Coleus Forskohlii found in India. It has gained popularity for a long time now due various health benefits one of them being the ability to help in losing weight in your body. Besides that, it is also used in the treatment of diseases such as asthma, lung diseases, convulsions, hypertension and heart diseases as well as various infections in our body. This article will enlighten you more about Forskolin, how to use it and some of the benefits that one can acquire from this herb.

• Forskolin dosage.

forskolin plantBeing a purely natural supplement, it has been proved to have fewer side effects and when combined with the right diet and training, one if expected to lose dramatically weight. It is very tricky to tell the right dosage for Forskolin since it varies from one person to the other. However, this supplement comes with various dosages such as 125 mg of 20% Forskolin and 250 mg of 10% Forskolin. From the extract, the recommended dosage is about 25-300 with a 10 % of pure Forskolin. It is, therefore, important to consult your personal doctor before taking the supplement for you to understand the right dosage you should take. By doing that, you will automatically see the effect of Forskolin after some time.

• How does pure Forskolin work?

After the intake of Forskolin, it releases an enzyme called lipase that increases the rate of rate of burning fat in one’s body. As you burn the excessive fat on your body, you are in a good position to lose alt of pounds within a very short duration. Continuous intake of pure Forskolin will also increase the rate of metabolism in our body and thus facilitate the breakdown of excess calories in your body. In addition to that, it is also important to know that by reducing the excessive fat in your body, Forskolin will not reduce muscle mass. This herb will also produce an enzyme that is used digestion and absorption of food in our body.

According to the research was done by the scientists in the year 2001 and 2005 about women taking Forskolin extracts, it was proven that with the intake of 25mg of 10 % of Forskolin extract capsules for around one week, they lost around 8 pounds. The Same case applies to the men, and it was concluded that pure Forskolin plays a significant role in the weight loss and also facilitates lean muscle as well as bone mass. In addition to that, this supplement will boost the energy in your body which will also increase the level of your immunity. It is good to be aware that quality products matter for one to achieve the best results and with the flooding of supplement in our market today, it becomes hard to choose the right supplement especially for those people who are not quite conversant with pure Forskolin. Cheap is expensive, and it will be good if you keep off from cheap supplements which claim to give instant effects. Alternatively, with the help of the internet, you can now search for sites that sell Forskolin supplements and read various reviews on the product. This will prevent you from being misled by the fake companies.


• What are some of the health benefits of pure Forskolin supplements that improve weight loss?

Being natural mean that it is very rare to get adverse effects of this supplement. This supplements has been used for decades now and proved to be of great importance in the health of human being, and some of these healthy benefits include;

1. Pure Forskolin helps the heart and the lungs to function more efficiently.

Through the enlargement of blood vessels, this supplement prevents accumulation of blood through clotting at the same time lowers the blood pressure. One is now assured of fewer risks concerning heart diseases and also lungs problem. In addition to that, it is surprising that the improved blood flow also facilitates the movement of ions in your body.

2. Intake of Forskolin extracts treats eczema and psoriasis.

These extracts assist in loosening of airways during respiration process and with that reason consumption of this herb stops asthmatics in one’s life.

3. Forskolin helps one to acquire a good looking body through weight loss.

Having a good and a healthy body builds up self-confidence to an individual. Forskolin supplement does this via two simple methods, the stimulation of lipolysis and raising production of CAMP. Both lipolysis and camp, facilitating burning of fat and thus reducing the entire weight of an individual.

4. Intake of Forskolin also increases production of thyroid hormones and as a result, the rate of metabolism is raised to which facilitates in burning of excessive calories. There are also other supplements that suppress your appetite of a person making the less hungry. Due to this reason, you are in a food position to control calories intake per day.


With a proper diet and daily exercises, the effect of this supplement will be very quick. Indeed, you can opt to apply severally in one week watching what you eat. This simple means that you should avoid junk foods which will only add fat to your body. For example, if you take Forskolin supplement together with caraway seed oil, you are going to speed up the rate of metabolism and thus increasing burning of calories as they maintain body mass. In fact, your appetite will be lowered too by the caraway seed oil which will also reduce intake of calories.


All the benefits mentioned above revolves in weight loss and it is paramount to look for a well branded Forskolin that will guarantee you of a quality product. As I said earlier, a physician will guide you on the right dosage of the herb. Besides that, the doctor will check on your condition and tell you whether the supplements suits you. In case, a problem arises as you take this supplements it’s always good to seek medical attention. Now supplements are in the market with favoring price and meets all the medical criteria. Never forget to take it along with other diets to enhance its effectiveness.